Teegarden´s Erden
Photo by Matheus Bertelli

Teegarden's Earths

Teegarden's earths are the topic today and you know the manner that in the blog here it is appropriate to dream of distant worlds and to take a closer look at where mankind could still live ... if we have successfully destroyed the planet we have and do not want to die out ... Therefore I would like to introduce you to Teegarden's Erden, including directions and a picture of the sunset.

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Künstliche Gravitation – Werden wir Elysium?
Photo by Pixabay

Artificial Gravity – Are we going fully Elysium?

Since we always talk about colonizing space and living in spaceships, sharing the dreams of visionaries like Elon Musk, have you ever thought about what these concepts might look like? Imagine that in order to colonize space, you can use a spaceship as a first step. Compare that with the countless space movies you probably watched in the past. As you can see, they all have artificial gravity at the start and run around, working like on Earth, while you are just on board a huge spaceship.

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Erde 2.0 – Planeten in Gliese 581
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani

Earth 2.0 –Planets in Gliese 581

We are not in the center, nor are we alone. Other earths exist. What I am talking about are exoplanets that are similar to Earth and are in orbit around another sun, just the right distance for liquid water and the ability to support human life. Even if we haven't found any advanced alien civilizations, planets that are capable of harboring them, we have.

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Die Dyson Sphäre – Sprung der Menschheit in den Weltraum
Photo by Wendy Wei

The Dyson Sphere – Mankind’s Leap into Space

Imagine that humanity could manage to put wars, racism, political drivel and hatred on ice and save the planet's environment while working together in peace and unity as one species. If that were so, humanity would be able to become a Type I and use the last drop of energy that the Earth has available. A Dyson Sphere is a theorem presented by the very famous physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960. It is a superstructure. We build it close to a sun and it is able to capture all the energy that the sun radiates and send it back to earth.

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Die Kardaschow Skala – Dämmerung intergalaktischer menschlicher Evolution?
Photo by Sunbae Legacy

The Kardashev Scale – At the Dawn of intergalactic human Evolution?

In this paper I am not aiming at the transhumanist movement (which will certainly be a topic in later papers), but I want to introduce you to the work of Nikolai Kardashev, a Soviet astronomer who proposed a method for measuring the total progress of a civilization (in this case, humanity). Nikolai Kardashev came up with the so-called Kardashev Scale, which is a hypothetical measure based on the energy needs of an entire civilization from a cosmic perspective.

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Das James Webb Weltraum-Teleskop: Hubble it up! Teil 2
JWST Assemblance

The James Webb Space Telescope: Hubble it up! Part 2

The James Webb is the successor of the Hubble telescope and needs infrared light to observe the real beginnings - in the sense of the beginnings of the universe itself. The JWST is a (gigantic) infrared resolving telescope with 18 separate, attached mirror elements (6.5 meters, made of ultra-light beryllium and coated with gold). The launch from French Guyana in 2021 by an Ariane 5 rocket is already in preparation.

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Das James Webb Weltraum-Teleskop: Hubble it up! Teil 1
Photo by Pixabay

The James Webb Space Telescope: Hubble it up! Part 1

Just imagine NASA going all Instagram Glory on you. To show you what I mean, take a look at these pictures taken by the current Hubble Space Telescope. Whenever I look at these images, I am overcome by a tingling sensation of departure, a compulsion to explore, which pushes its way up through my organs. Wouldn't it be fantastic to feel like "Columbus" and to set off for new shores and new worlds (just like One-Piece for space travellers...) ?

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