Quantencomputer: Eine neue Ära hat begonnen
Photo by Steve Johnson

Quantum Computer: A new Era has begun

Classical computers can only take on one such state per gate; 0 or 1. A quantum computer is a processor whose functionality is aligned with quantum mechanics and can therefore take on quantum mechanical states. This is done via so-called qubits, which have more than one state at the same time and thus can solve mathematical problems much faster, or at all, if compared to classical computers.

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Unsterblichkeit – Traum, Fiktion oder werdende Wirklichkeit?
Photo by George Becker

Immortality – Dream, Fiction or becoming reality?

To start the blog a bit nerdier, a quote from the witch from the computer game Path of Exile: "Everything dies! This very striking exclamation, which one would certainly sign at the moment if one were neutral, however, raises a question that opens the door to what I consider to be a very magically attractive topic: "Does everything really die, or can we really become immortal?

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Die Top 8 Publikationen über die Zukunft
Photo by Pixabay

The Top 8 Future Studies

Highly educated and talented people (such as Dr. Michio Kaku) spend their entire careers working out scenarios that are likely to occur during our lifetime, or trying to discover the essence of life and our universe for themselves. Therefore, I present to you the top 8 publications on the future, which have been awarded by the Association of Professional Futurists for the year 2018. With these you can definitely get an overview of the field. Additionally I will link some videos which I can highly recommend.

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Die Kardaschow Skala – Dämmerung intergalaktischer menschlicher Evolution?
Photo by Sunbae Legacy

The Kardashev Scale – At the Dawn of intergalactic human Evolution?

In this paper I am not aiming at the transhumanist movement (which will certainly be a topic in later papers), but I want to introduce you to the work of Nikolai Kardashev, a Soviet astronomer who proposed a method for measuring the total progress of a civilization (in this case, humanity). Nikolai Kardashev came up with the so-called Kardashev Scale, which is a hypothetical measure based on the energy needs of an entire civilization from a cosmic perspective.

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