Unsterblichkeit – Traum, Fiktion oder werdende Wirklichkeit?
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Immortality – Dream, Fiction or becoming reality?

To start the blog a bit nerdier, a quote from the witch from the computer game Path of Exile: "Everything dies! This very striking exclamation, which one would certainly sign at the moment if one were neutral, however, raises a question that opens the door to what I consider to be a very magically attractive topic: "Does everything really die, or can we really become immortal?

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Künstliche Gravitation – Werden wir Elysium?
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Artificial Gravity – Are we going fully Elysium?

Since we always talk about colonizing space and living in spaceships, sharing the dreams of visionaries like Elon Musk, have you ever thought about what these concepts might look like? Imagine that in order to colonize space, you can use a spaceship as a first step. Compare that with the countless space movies you probably watched in the past. As you can see, they all have artificial gravity at the start and run around, working like on Earth, while you are just on board a huge spaceship.

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Erde 2.0 – Planeten in Gliese 581
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Earth 2.0 –Planets in Gliese 581

We are not in the center, nor are we alone. Other earths exist. What I am talking about are exoplanets that are similar to Earth and are in orbit around another sun, just the right distance for liquid water and the ability to support human life. Even if we haven't found any advanced alien civilizations, planets that are capable of harboring them, we have.

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Die Top 8 Publikationen über die Zukunft
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The Top 8 Future Studies

Highly educated and talented people (such as Dr. Michio Kaku) spend their entire careers working out scenarios that are likely to occur during our lifetime, or trying to discover the essence of life and our universe for themselves. Therefore, I present to you the top 8 publications on the future, which have been awarded by the Association of Professional Futurists for the year 2018. With these you can definitely get an overview of the field. Additionally I will link some videos which I can highly recommend.

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Die Kardaschow Skala – Dämmerung intergalaktischer menschlicher Evolution?
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The Kardashev Scale – At the Dawn of intergalactic human Evolution?

In this paper I am not aiming at the transhumanist movement (which will certainly be a topic in later papers), but I want to introduce you to the work of Nikolai Kardashev, a Soviet astronomer who proposed a method for measuring the total progress of a civilization (in this case, humanity). Nikolai Kardashev came up with the so-called Kardashev Scale, which is a hypothetical measure based on the energy needs of an entire civilization from a cosmic perspective.

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Wie werde ich ein professioneller Futurist? – Das Foresight Competency Model Teil 1
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How to become a professional Futurist? – The Foresight Competency Model Part 1

In many articles I talk about what might happen in the future, that there is a whole field of professional researchers who are capable and highly intelligent, sitting around all day making predictions about what our lives might be like in the future. Nothing new so far, but have you ever wondered what you need to become a futurologist? Alternatively, even more what it takes to become a professional futurist (I'll use futurologist and futurist in the following synonym) ?

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Top 10: Meinungen, die Zukunftsforscher teilen
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Top 10: Shared Opinions of Futurists

In other articles I very often talk about the content of futurology and how researchers want to anticipate scenarios about our future and find out what path humanity is most likely to take. Well, have you ever thought about whether or not futurologists share a common understanding of your thoughts about the future? So, to give you an overview of the issues and facts of the future that researchers agree on, I have selected the top 10 common opinions about your future from a survey of 108 leading futurologists.

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Über den Blog Vogl-Future: Dein Tor in die Zukunftsforschung
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About the Blog Vogl-Future: Your Gate to Futurology

Don't you want to know how people will live in the future. Which possibilities can be exploited by means of the latest technologies and social concepts? I am definitely curious about our future. With this article I will answer three questions: What is futurology or futurology anyway? Why should we care? What can you expect from reading the blog?