Earth 2.0 –Planets in Gliese 581

Are we alone on Earth?

Back again, I ask if you've ever wondered if we were alone? Is our planet Earth the only one and the only one capable of harboring life?

Oh, yes, Markus getting deep again…

Nevertheless, for those of you who have always thought that you are on the one earth, at the center of the universe (all Bible believers, please stop reading now, otherwise you risk being exposed to real science...), you are wrong.

We are not in the center, nor are we alone. Other earths exist.

What I am talking about are exoplanets that are similar to the Earth and are in orbit around another sun, just the right distance for liquid water and the ability to support human life.

Even if we have not yet found any advanced alien civilizations, planets that are able to host such civilizations are very well.

Other Earths – The Gliese 581 System

The universe is massive, so where should we start looking? Have we found anything?

Yes, indeed we have.

The nearest exoplanet resembling Earth is the planet named Gliese 581 g, a red dwarf with spectral typing M3V in the middle of the planetary system Gliese 581.

The system is about 20 light years away and we can find it in the constellation Libra.

The Gliese 581 System

Of course you want to go and explore Earth 2.0, even if it is very far away and sounds more like sci-fi than attainable reality.

Nevertheless, researchers are convinced that the colonization of this planet is the next step of mankind into the universe.

I am very excited about the things to come!

Alien Earths & Gliese 581 – Video Impressions

For those of you who want to know more and are curious what else research has discovered, here is a new video.

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