Unsterblichkeit – Traum, Fiktion oder werdende Wirklichkeit?
Photo by George Becker

Immortality – Dream, Fiction or becoming reality?

To begin this blog in a nerdy manner, I quote the witch out of the computer game Path of Exile: „Everything dies! “. This very blunt shout out, which regarded neutrally, can be signed off by anyone, raises a question, which opens the door to (out of my view) a very magical and pulling topic: „Does really everything die, or can we actually become immortal?“

Künstliche Gravitation – Werden wir Elysium?
Photo by Pixabay

Artificial Gravity – Are we going fully Elysium?

Since we always talk about colonizing space and living on spaceships, sharing the dreams of visionaries like Elon Musk, have you ever thought about how these concepts could look like? Imagine colonizing space in a first step using a space ship and compare your ideas with the enormous amounts of space movies you watched in the past. See, they all have artificial gravity in place. Walking around, operating like on Earth, and just being on board of a huge spacecraft.

Erde 2.0 – Planeten in Gliese 581
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani

Earth 2.0 –Planets in Gliese 581

We are not in the centre, neither are we alone. Other Earths exist. What I am talking about are exoplanets, which resemble Earth and orbit another sun in just the right distance for water to be liquid, as well as being capable of hosting human life. Even if we have not found advanced alien civilizations yet, planets capable of hosting them exist.

Die Dyson Sphäre – Sprung der Menschheit in den Weltraum
Photo by Wendy Wei

The Dyson Sphere – Mankind’s Leap into Space

Imagine humankind could manage to postpone wars, racism, political gibberish, hate and save the planets environment whilst working together in peace and unity as one species. If so, humanity would be able to become a Type I and harvest every ounce of energy available on Earth. A Dyson Sphere is a theorem proposed by the utmost famous physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960. It is a superstructure. We built it near a sun and it is capable of capturing all the energy the sun emits and of transferring it back to Earth.

Die Kardaschow Skala – Dämmerung intergalaktischer menschlicher Evolution?
Photo by Sunbae Legacy

The Kardashev Scale – At the Dawn of intergalactic human Evolution?

In this post, I do not aim for the transhumanism movement (which will surely be a topic for later posts), hence I would like to show you the work of Nikolai Kardashev, a Soviet astronomer who proposed a method for measuring the overall progress of a civilization (in this case of humanity). Nicolai Kardashev thought and created the so-called Kardashev Scales, which are hypothetical and measure the energy consumption of a whole civilization from a cosmic viewpoint.

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Realitätscheck: Bones – Auf Knochen geschnitzte fraktale Schadsoftware Teil 3
Photo by Iván Rivero

Reality-Check: Bones – Fractal Bone Carved Malware Part 3

All of us know QR-Codes, these tiny funny looking boxes, which when scanned lead us to a website, or some information. I will not delve into the functionality of them too much. You can find black and white boxes in a QR-Code, which are interpreted by your QR-Code Reader App into Bits (Light = 0, Dark = 1), which result in an address of a website or something similar. What has it to do with our murder victim?

Realitätscheck: Bones – Auf Knochen geschnitzte fraktale Schadsoftware Teil 1
Photo by Mitja Juraja

Reality-Check: Bones – Fractal Bone Carved Malware Part 1

Uncommon topic for a futurology blog, I know. So, why a TV show? In short: The killer computer genius carves computer code as fractal pattern onto the killed victim’s bones. The good people scan the bones and their computers go boom, hindering them to reconstruct and identify their victim. Therefore, I decided to provide you with a brief reality check of these concepts, because there exist real-world things like fractal encryption (yes, outside the realms of USS-Enterprise-E versus the Borg too).

Wie werde ich ein professioneller Futurist? – Das Foresight Competency Model Teil 1
Photo by Nicolas Savignat

How to become a professional Futurist? – The Foresight Competency Model Part 1

In many past posts I talked about what may happen in the future, that there exists a field of professional researchers, who are highly capable and intelligent, sitting around all day making predictions about what our life in the future may be. Nothing new so far, but have you ever wondered about what you need to be a futurist? Alternatively, even more, what does it require to become a professional futurist?

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